National Network of Parent Carer Forums

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About the NNPCF

The National Network of Parent Carer Forums is a network of over 150 Parent Carer Forums from across England.

The NNPCF is a membership led organisation. Our membership is made up of (up to) 152 local parent carer forums where they are in receipt of the ‘Parent Carer Participation Grant’ which is currently administered by Contact for Disabled Children.


These member forums are arranged into 9 regions, these follow the same regional breakdown as the Department for Education with each of the regions appointing a regional representative to act as their regional steering group member within the NNPCF national steering group.

  1. North East & Cumbria
  2. Yorkshire & Humber
  3. North West
  4. East Midlands
  5. West Midlands
  6. Eastern England
  7. London
  8. South East
  9. South West

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The NNPCF is a network of local forums who come together, working together to effect local, regional, and national service improvement through participation and co production with parent carers. Their work is focused locally but has developed regionally due to the changing nature of regional commissioning processes that now have significant impact on local service development and strategic planning. Their local and regional work greatly influences national developments and conversations.

nnpcf structure [Transparent]Each Parent Carer Forum includes parent carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs / Disabilities whom have a full range of experiences in Health, Education and Social Care due to their children’s wide range of needs.

Parent Carers within the network total over 80,000*: these parent carers contribute via their forums to local, regional, and national developments and discussions.

We continue to develop closer working relationships with Local Authorities, Health Authorities, and other relevant strategic and commissioning bodies and services at all levels, including local working with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). These improved working relationships offer parent carer forums further opportunities to inform and influence strategic and operational service commissioning, design, and developments to improve the experiences of families on the ground in their local areas.

Regional working is becoming more important as many local authorities look to their regional Association of Directors of Children Services (ADCS), Local Government Associations (LGA), and Clinical Networks for guidance towards developing and improving local policies and processes. Their are also movements towards regional commissioning activities that fall within the duty to coproduce and provide participation opportunities for children and young people with SEN and Disabilities and their parent carers. This means that our regional parent carer forum networks can play a vital role in enabling strategic parent carer participation, brining local experiences to the table to ensure that regional activities reflect local needs.

*this is based on the membership forums own membership base, which becomes a part of the NNPCF wider membership by proxy and is calculated annually through grant management processes.


NNPCF Priorities and Objectives

Our Steering Group Members operate within their regional parent carer forum networks and the national steering group to provide the evidence and experience of families that our member parent carer forums connect with locally. This feedback provides a unique insight into the impact of policy, service design, and commissioning has for families and their children and young people.

Using this feedback, the NNPCF steering group have developed a set of national objectives and priorities that provide key areas of interest for our network membership.

Please see our NNPCF priorities and objectives document for 2017/2018. This document will be revisited annually to review relevance and references, amending and updating where appropriate.

These objectives and priorities form the basis of our Talking Points documents. These Talking Points take a closer look at the detail surrounding our objectives and priorities. They explore the feedback we receive from our member forums shaping our discussions on these topic areas and providing a information to support and inform NNPCF engagement across the subject.