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Blue Badge Consultation – Response and Outcome

July 30, 2018

The Department for Transport has released the summary of responses and their outcomes to the Blue Badge Scheme Consultation.

The full response can be read on their website.

We are pleased to see the outcomes reflect that consideration of health conditions on a person ‘when walking’ rather than a blanket statement of ability to walk and clarify that there may be more to a persons needs that could fit the criteria have been included. Also the reference to a persons personal safety, which specifically cites the potential to include children with autism as part of the proposal, has been heard and responded to well with the inclusion of

“A new eligibility criterion for people who have an enduring and substantial disability the effect of which is that that person is unable to undertake a journey without it causing very considerable psychological distress to that person.”

The relationship to PIP (personal independence payments) points on planning and following journeys is also welcomed as this helps to reduce the number of times an individual is subject to further scrutiny as they will have already sufficiently evidenced this. We do feel that this element could have gone further, as we outline within our response we submit to the review.

The NNPCF not only responded to the consultation, but also produced a Transport Talking Point which further details our members concerns and our recommendations around the transport offers for children and young people with SEND and their families.