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Building better employment opportunities for young people with SEND

June 15, 2018

Following on from feedback at the NNPCF conference last year which identified employment opportunities as a leading concern for parent carer forums, this week, Mrunal Sisodia spoke to a conference for Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Community Partners.

The DWP has commissioned community partners across the country to build links with local groups and employers to improve work opportunities for people with SEN and disabilities. Mrunal spoke about the work that parent carer forums do and how they could work with community partners to share the lived experience of local young people with SEND to help design better employment services in each locality. He also spoke about the challenges and barriers that young people with SEND face in finding employment. For further details see our talking point on Preparing for Adulthood 

Mrunal shared local forum contacts from the NNPCF website and community partners will be contacting local forums to explore how they might work together to improve local work opportunities. Please look out for an e-mail and please let your regional steering group member know how you get on.