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Reformed Functional Skills Mathematics and English Subject Content

The NNPCF has responded to a Government consultation on the reformed subject content for functional skills qualification in Mathematics and English. The Government is reforming functional skills qualifications to improve their relevance and content, and to build their recognition and credibility in the labour market. The reformed subject content consultation document asks questions on the proposed content for […]

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Returning to Work after Time out for Caring

The NNPCF has responded to a Government consultation on ‘Returning to Work after Time out for Caring‘. In the Spring Budget 2017, the Government committed “to promoting returnships to the public and private sector, helping people back into employment after a career break.” This commitment focusses on supporting returners, who are defined as those that have […]

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NNPCF London Region: Responds to London Specific Consultations

The NNPCF London Region has responded to two consultations this month: The Mayor’s Vision for London, and The London Assembly’s SEND Investigation. The NNPCF welcomes the Mayor’s vision for a diverse and inclusive city. At the NNPCF Annual Conference in October 2015, delegates were asked to provide the Steering Group with their ‘Burning Issues’. ‘Burning […]

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Consultations – An Update

Responding to national consultations on behalf of our members is an important part of what the NNPCF does. The Steering Group considers each request and will respond appropriately. The Steering Group member for your region will seek to obtain views from forums in their area to inform the NNPCF response. Sometimes, the consultation request will […]

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NNPCF Response to the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper: Improving Lives

The NNPCF have responded to the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper: Improving Lives. This response recognises that developing employment pathways and finding sustainable jobs for disabled people is a very complex area, involving many players and systems. The NNPCF welcomes the vision of this green paper that whoever you are and wherever you are […]

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Schools that work for everyone – Department for Education Consultation

The Government has set out it’s ambition to create an education system that ‘extends opportunity to everyone, not just the privileged few’ in their consultation entitled ‘Schools that work for everyone‘. This consultation sets out how the Government will deliver “a diverse school system that provides all children, whatever their background, with schooling that will […]

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Development of a New Carers Strategy – Call for Evidence

The NNPCF Steering Group has today submitted it’s response to the call for evidence on the Carers Strategy today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and Parent Carer Forums who took the time to contribute their responses to this. Your concerted efforts have been greatly welcomed. We had prioritised […]

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Guidance on Consultations for Forums

As Forums, we are often requested to respond to numerous consultations. The NNPCF Steering Group have drafted some guidance notes offering suggestions for how you may wish to respond to local and national consultations. We have also provided a template for your Forum’s use which indicates membership of NNPCF and allowing for your own Forum’s […]

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