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Children’s Minister Edward Timpson on the SEND Reforms

April 10, 2014

On Tuesday, the Children’s Minister, Edward Timpson wrote to parents, local authorities and health partners, schools and colleges about the Special Educational needs and disability (SEND) reforms in England. The letter gives a summary of the reforms, what they will mean for children with SEND and their parents, and clarifies. The Minister recognises that there have been a range of concerns raised about the reforms and states:

“This is not about cutting services but about creating a better system that puts you and your child first. It will take time and the changes will be gradually introduced over  the next three and a half years. I can also reassure you that the current protections you  and your child have will continue and,in many cases, be enhanced further”.

You can read the rest of the letter, and see the letters to local authorities, schools and colleges by visiting the following link:

The letter also mentions about how parents can get involved in the changes, by joining their local parent carer forum. You can find out more details about your local forum, and the difference that being part of a local forum, and the National Network of Parent Carer Forums can make by going to:

Edward Timpson also spoke at our national conference this year, you can watch his speech to parent carer forums by visiting the following link:

The NNPCF Steering Group are currently preparing a position statement about the Children and Families Act, which we will make available to all forums as soon as possible.