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Headlines from the NNPCF Steering Group Meeting – Jan 2017

January 23, 2017

The NNPCF Steering Group met on Monday 9th – Tuesday 10th January 2017. Below we have listed some of the key headlines from the meeting:

Day 1:

  • The NNPCF Steering Group held our first meeting of 2017 at the Department for Education  where we were joined briefly by the Minister Edward Timpson, who shared with us further funding commitments towards Parent Carer Participation and other services that support the implementation of SEND Reforms over the next financial year.  We also raised with him the desirability of further meetings, one between himself and his Ministerial health colleague Minister Nicola Blackwood and the NNPCF Steering Group. The idea to have another Parent Carer round table was also put forward. These suggestions were met positively and the Steering Group will be writing to the Minister to confirm details.
  • We met with the Department for Education official who is leading on the Local Area Inspections, to share comments and observations from Parent Carer Forums around the SEND Local Area Inspections. These suggestions were welcomed and work will continue between the Department and the NNPCF to support the process.
  • As the NNPCF Steering Group, we also shared with each other comments and thoughts that have arisen from the regions in a discussion to see where priorities are with Parent Carer Forums at the moment on major themes.

Day 2:

  • The majority of day two was spent reflecting on the AGM in November 2016, this led to a discussion on how to develop further actions towards improving the working methods of the Steering Group and planning for 2017-18, This work will be guided by the feedback you gave us during the AGM. Your regional Steering Group reps will be contacting forums shortly to further this.
  • The Steering Group also discussed the five current open consultations and how we contribute to them, but also what resources we need to produce to support Parent Carer Forums to respond to these consultations.

The minutes of this meeting are now available here.