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Headlines from the NNPCF Steering Group meeting – July 2014

July 11, 2014

DAY 1.      Headlines from NNPCF Steering group meeting – 7th July 2014
  • Elizabeth Archer from SENDirect came to speak to us about the project and the website please see ( they are looking for parent/carers to feedback on it after it is launched on 3rd September 2014.
  • Patrick Agius from Dept of Education came to give us update about Code of Practice and how the parent carer guide to the Code of Practice is progressing at the moment.
  • We discussed the work of delivery partners to SEN& D reforms.
  • The Co-Chairs meet with Anne Gross and Communication lead at the Department for Education to discuss how the wider parent carer community can be informed about and prepared for the implementation of the reforms.
DAY 2.      Strategic Day – 8th July 2014
  • Date for diaries: Our AGM will be on 1st October 2014 in London more details to follow.
  • Following very positive feedback from Local Parent Carer Forums, the Steering Group agreed that it would be helpful to produce more position statements like the one about the Children & Families Act. Watch out for one on Independent Support very soon.
  • The Steering Group has formed a sub group to review the Strategic Plan for the National Network. We have all made so much progress, an update is definitely needed, we will be sharing it with you in time for the AGM in the Autumn.
  • We are recruiting a new Steering Group member to assist with the development of our participation work nationally. Further details will be available soon.