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Headlines from the NNPCF Steering Group Meeting – June 2016

June 30, 2016

The NNPCF Steering Group met on Wednesday 22nd June 2016. Below we have listed some of the key headlines from the meeting:

  • Following our recent discussions with Michelle Mello, the Regional Leads of the National Health Service England (NHSE) joined us to talk about their regional roles and how they are using their new Data Toolkit to collate how CCGs are working. Each of your Steering Group Members has now made contact with their respective lead to help develop our regional and local working relationships.
  • Jenny Preece of the Department for Education joined us for a discussion about special schools and specialist provision in mainstream schools, in the context of the recent Education White Paper, and the commitment that the reforming education system must enable all children, including those with SEND, to meet their full potential.
  • Patrick Agius of the Department for Education gave us an update on the department’s activity and we discussed the use of the new regional funds that the Department has provided for the National Networks regional development.
  • In addition to the Steering Group meeting that took place on Wednesday 22 June, on Monday 27 June, the Steering Group members and Contact a Family’s Regional Parent Participation Advisor team, held a joint working day to discuss the development of the regional model and the core offer from both Contact a Family and the NNPCF.