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Headlines from the NNPCF Steering Group Meeting – May 2017

May 25, 2017

The NNPCF Steering Group met on Wednesday 18th – Thursday 19th May 2017. Below we have listed the key headlines from the meeting:

Day 1:

  • The NNPCF Steering Group held a second workshop exploring ongoing communications work including the development of a communication strategy, a work plan and standard templates. We also finalised plans to share the NNPCF priorities with members. This is to ensure all member parent carer forums have the opportunity to hear about them directly, from their regional Steering Group Member following on from our consultations and discussions across the regions.
  • We also discussed a briefing paper prepared for us by Amanda Batten (CEO of Contact a Family) on the new Disabled Children’s Partnership.

Day 2:

  • Following an invitation to join the Steering Group this month, Dame Christine Lenehan came to update us on the work of the Council for Disabled Children (CDC). We looked at areas of overlap for CDC and the NNPCF, she also updated us on the current position regarding the Lenehan Review.
  • Lynn Hoppenbrouwers (Strategic Health Lead at Contact a Family), also joined us by invitation to share the work she is doing and to see how we can work together to support parent participation in the health arena.
  • Patrick Aguis from the Department of Education briefly joined us to update us on changes within the Department. Due to purdah Patrick was unable to discuss current and future plans of the Department.
  • The Steering Group signed off the minutes of the March meeting for publication.
  • There was a discussion about the annual conference, further work needs to be done to secure funding and a large enough venue very shortly so that the date of the event can be released to parent carer forums as soon as possible.