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Headlines from the NNPCF Steering Group meeting – June 2014

June 13, 2014

“By way of improving our communications to Forums we thought that one way of  keeping you informed of the work we are doing on your behalf is to send out a short bulletin after each Steering Group meeting. The idea is to highlight some of the main subject’s we were discussing without bombarding you with more information and reading.  However, we will still keep you up to date with our usual bulletins which provide more information and detail.

If any questions or issues arise as a result of these new notes, please feel free to contact your regional representative who will be able to give you more detail.  Also remember that if there is anything you raised or discussed with the Steering Group please once again contact your regional representative.” – The NNPCF Steering Group

Headlines from this meeting:
  • The Steering Group will be writing a position statement on the Independent Supporters programme (just as we did with SEN&D reforms), reflecting on comments from the membership to be shared with you all as soon as possible.
  • Met with Amanda Batten new CEO of Contact a Family.
  • Spoke with Short Breaks Network about future work on parental engagement with Short Breaks providers.
  • Met with Sheila Davis (CAF) for discussion around strengthening parental participation with Health and how best to continuing to develop this