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Let’s Stop Bullying for All

July 16, 2014


Contact a Family, working with the NNPCF, the Anti Bullying Alliance, Mencap, the Council for Disabled Children and Achievement for All are part of a consortia delivering a Department for Education programme of work in relation to the bullying of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.

We know that bullying is a serious issue, and children with SEN and disabilities have a greater likelihood of being bullied, and being bullied for longer. The consortia have developed a range of materials and resources for schools, parent carers and professionals to try to address these issues.

Two NNPCF representatives, Rachel Corrall-Jackson from Yorkshire and Humber, and Pat Bolton from the North East have been instrumental working with Contact a Family and Mencap in developing the materials for the parent carer workshops.

We have also developed an information sheet for parent carer forums to consider how they can work with their local authorities to make sure the issue of bullying is considered and addressed in their Local Offer. The information sheet has some useful information, and key questions to ask and consider how they can be included in your Local Offer. You can access the information sheet here.

Anti Bullying Week this year will also focus on stopping bullying of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability. There will be a range of resources, lesson plans, and information available to schools, and we encourage you to consider how you and your forum may want to promote this in your local area.

You can find out more information, resources, advice, and free training opportunities for parent carers, schools, and workers here.  We do have free workshops for parent carers facilitated by Contact a Family or Mencap, and some forums have worked with us and supported the deliver of the workshop with their forum membership. If you are interested in this please contact Angie Fenn at Contact a Family on or Joe Edwards.

If parent carers are concerned about bullying of their children please call our helpline on 0800 808 808 for advice and support.