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Letter to the Minister

June 3, 2019

You will remember that Dame Christine Lenehan undertook a review into the placement of children in Residential Schools called “Good Intentions, Good Enough?”

The report made a number of recommendations including the setting up of a SEND System Leadership  Board with an independent chair. Ministers from the Department for Education  (DfE) and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) further agreed to meet with stakeholders  twice a year to hear directly the concerns of the sector.

The NNPCF are pleased to have a place on both the Leadership  Board and the stakeholder panel.

Following the first meeting of the stakeholder panel with Ministers Nadhim Zahawi and Caroline Dineage on the 29th May, the group sent the attached letter to both Ministers. We shall publish the reply when it is received. It talks about the need for better joint working, workforce development and specialised commissioning.

This letter does not specifically talk about levels of funding for SEND services. However, all the stakeholders present, including the NNPCF, have raised concerns about the level of funding for SEND services with the DfE and DHSC in advance of the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

Please take the time to read the attached Ministerial Roundtable response.