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NNPCF sponsors the Excellence in Parent Engagement Award at NASEN annual awards 2018

September 5, 2018

NNPCF Co-Chairs, Maureen Morris and Mrunal Sisodia, are excited to announce that this year the National Network of Parent Carer Forums is sponsoring the Exceptional Parental Engagement Award at the 2018 NASEN Awards.

The NNPCF feel that this award, which is awarded to the setting that best demonstrates how their engagement with parent carers has led to improved outcomes for children and young people with SEND, embodies many of our values as an organisation. It recognises the hard work of settings to value and create an environment of partnership with its parent carer community, as well as rewarding them for doing their jobs well in such challenging times. We feel that the innovative practice that takes place across the country needs recognition, and this award provides an opportunity to showcase some of the best examples of coproduction and partnership working with families.


On behalf of the steering group we wish all nominees the best of luck.


To see a full list of the awards, please visit the NASEN website.