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National Priorities Report – Burning Issues

March 17, 2016

In October last year over 80 parent carer forums attended the NNPCF AGM. Those who attended where asked to identify their most significant burning issues. As a result the Steering Group have collated and categorised the issues to form a set of national priorities that we have presented to the Minister Edward Timpson (Tuesday 15th March 2016) and to Minister Jane Ellison (Wednesday 16th March 2016).

We have attached the national priorities which cover a broad range of subjects that clearly show the variety of areas that forums are engaging in. We recognise that some points raised have already been addressed or are in progress, you will also find that there are some issues that have been on the table for a long while. Our continued goal is to keep these priorities highlighted within the NNPCF, our national partners including government departments.

In light of the conversations we have had with Ministers we feel increasingly confident that your voice is being heard and that these priorities will continue to be part of the national agenda.

You can download a copy here.

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