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New Co-Chair

July 9, 2019

On Friday 5th July, the NNPCF steering group appointed Tina Emery, the regional steering group member for the South West region as new NNPCF co-chair. Tina replaces Maureen Morris who stepped down from the position.

Mrunal Sisodia, the other NNPCF cochair, said, “I am really pleased to welcome Tina to the role and having worked with her on the NNPCF steering group for the last two years, I know that she will do an outstanding job. This is an important but unsettling time for the SEND sector and Tina and I will be working together with the Steering Group and member forums to continue to highlight the issues our children and their families face and trying to work out some of  the answers with local and national government and the NHS.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say another thank you to Maureen Morris, who has been an excellent steward for the NNPCF and has seen the organisation go from strength to strength under her leadership.”

Tina said, “I am really pleased to have been selected as the new co-chair of the NNPCF. I have really enjoyed being part of the NNPCF for the last two years and I look forward to working with Mrunal in the co-chair role, the Steering Group and the wider NNPCF membership in coproducing with our stakeholders. I too would like to thank Maureen Morris for doing such a great job”

Maureen Morris “I am delighted that the Steering Group selected Tina Emery to replace me as co-chair. She is a passionate and committed advocate of forums and working alongside Mrunal Sisodia the NNPCF will go from strength to strength at this turbulent time”