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NNPCF London Region: Responds to London Specific Consultations

September 14, 2017

The NNPCF London Region has responded to two consultations this month:

  • The Mayor’s Vision for London, and
  • The London Assembly’s SEND Investigation.

The NNPCF welcomes the Mayor’s vision for a diverse and inclusive city. At the NNPCF Annual Conference in October 2015, delegates were asked to provide the Steering Group with their ‘Burning Issues’. ‘Burning Issues’ were defined as being the most common and current issues that forums were facing at that time. These issues were collated in a national report.

This report highlighted the National priorities for Parent Carer Forums across England. Many of these priorities are covered in the Mayor’s vision including inclusive and accessible Education, Health (including Mental Health), Transport, Employment and Housing for our disabled young people as they transition from Children to Adult Services, Community Engagement and meaningful Participation/Co-Production.

The NNPCF London Region work with forums in their region to gather evidence to support our response to this consultation. We believe that our response helps to identify the most common experiences and views of Parent Carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (birth-25) in London.

This response recognises that developing employment pathways and finding sustainable jobs for disabled people is a very complex area, involving many players and systems.

To read our full response to the Mayor’s Vision for London click here.

To read our full response to the London Assembly’s SEND Investigation click here.