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Reformed Functional Skills Mathematics and English Subject Content

October 26, 2017

The NNPCF has responded to a Government consultation on the reformed subject content for functional skills qualification in Mathematics and English.

The Government is reforming functional skills qualifications to improve their relevance and content, and to build their recognition and credibility in the labour market. The reformed subject content consultation document asks questions on the proposed content for all five qualification levels in mathematics and English. The consultation will run from 12 September until 07 November 2017.

It must be acknowledged that children/young people with SEND may only progress to higher levels of study of if the appropriate level of support is in place to meet their needs (SEN Support or EHC Plan). NNPCF are concerned that in some cases a child/young person’s progress is met with a reduction in support or the ceasing of a EHCP rather than acknowledging that progress is the result of support rather than in spite of it.

Many children and young people with SEND will find it difficult to transfer the knowledge and functional skills that they have learnt in one setting (school) to the home or local community.

Securing levels and 2 may cover the key elements of literacy and numeracy for needed employment however the reality is many young people with SEND will still struggle to find paid or voluntary work. Disabled young people often face challenges to acceptance in society and can be invisible within our schools and communities. Historically there has also been a sense that finding jobs for disabled young people is too difficult or that they can only do limited types of job. Limited role models has reinforced the view that disabled young people do not have value. Parents have been told to ‘manage their expectations’ rather than be aspirational for their child’s future. The focus has been what they are not able to do (their needs) rather than what they can achieve (their strengths).

The Children and Families Act seeks to address this issue creating a holistic, person-centred and outcome focussed approach to educating children and young people with SEND.

To read a full version of the NNPCF response please click here.