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Richard Hobbs

I am the father of two boys, 14 and 12, both on the Autistic spectrum, one with ADHD and one with behavioural problems. I also have ADHD myself so can empathise with many of my son’s issues. I have worked in health and the social care of young adults with learning disabilities and autism for many years. I was invited to join the forum as a Parent Representative on the strength of my experience at the beginning of 2015.

I have had the privilege of representing the Somerset Parent Carer Forum at both regional and national level. I have greatly benefited from getting the chance to broaden my outlook, improve good practice and align this with the national agenda. I very much feel that if we are to get the best for all children with SEN and Disabilities, then we all need to work together, putting co-production at the very heart. I try constantly to make sure that at every strategic meeting I attend, it is the voices of the parent carers throughout our region being heard and used to shape our services.