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November 16, 2015

Does your forum want the Department for Education to know how implementation of the reforms is working in your Local Area?

As you will remember, we ran surveys on behalf of the Department for Education in the Spring and Summer of 2014, asking you about your local area’s readiness for the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms, and then about the implementation of the reforms in Autumn 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015.

Thank you to everyone who took part in previous surveys. We had a fantastic response rate to the previous surveys. You can see the most recent anonymised report of the results along with previous report here.

The Department for Education want to know from parent carer forums your views about how well implementation of the SEND reforms is continuing in your local area.

Following the initial implementation we know that there are some real challenges as well as some positive progress.  This is your forum’s opportunity to let the Department hear directly from you.  Your local authority has been asked to complete a similar survey within the same timescale.  You may want to talk to your local authority about the responses you both wish to provide in relation to implementation, and see if you have a shared view.

The survey will play an important role in tailoring the support which is available to local areas. It will also help to identify those local areas making particularly good progress, in order to share learning.

An anonymised version of the survey results with both England wide and regional data will be published publicly, but not information at individual area level which will only be shared with the Department for Education who will use it to help inform their support and challenge to local area.   All information related to Government business is potentially subject to the Freedom of Information Act; should we receive any requests for data at individual authority level we will consult the authority concerned to take views about the sensitivity of the information requested.

Please note that only one response per forum should be submitted, and this should be submitted by the parent carer forum in receipt of the Department for Education participation grant. If you are not a member of your local forum but would like your views to be considered, you can find the contact details of your local forum here. Wherever possible, please consult as many forum members as possible for their input before completing this form.  (although we do appreciate the tight timescales may make this a challenge)

Please see attached the link to the survey.  The deadline for responses is Wednesday 9th December 2015.  We appreciate this is a short timescale.  You can complete the survey online.  You can also download a word version of the survey, which may help you to consult with other forum members/your Local Authority. If you have any further queries or would like assistance completing this survey, please contact Helen Reid.