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Special Education Consortium Position Statement on High Needs Funding

May 10, 2018

The Special Education Consortium have released their SEC position statement on high needs funding in response to the concerns being raised about High Needs Funding.

NNPCF Co-Chairs were approached about supporting SEC in raising these concerns more formally, they have released the below statement for our member parent carer forums:

After discussing it with the DfE, we, as co-chairs, took the decision to put our (the NNPCF) name to the attached letter. We are very clear that this isn’t campaigning because it states the facts of what has been happening – this is exactly what our forums have been telling us.

The letter has been picked up by the Mirror who are reporting it in conjunction with a statement from the NAHT saying that special needs kids have borne the brunt of austerity in schools. There will be social media chatter about this. The simplest response is to direct people to the letter and the report which we endorse.

Please click to read the Letter.