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Transforming Care

February 17, 2017

The NNPCF, NHS England and Contact a Family recently produced a webinar on ‘Transforming Care’ for Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities, Autism or both. The webinar was presented by Mary Busk, NNPCF Steering Group member for London and Sue North, the Children’s Social Care and Education Adviser for the Transforming Care Programme.

Click here to view the webinar:

The webinar recording explains why Transforming Care is so important, what it really means for children, young people and their families, what is happening in your local area, how it relates to and overlaps with the SEND agenda, and how you can get involved to shape transformation. It also explains what individual parent carers can do when things are not working for you and your child, particularly if your child may be at risk of being admitted to hospital.

A question and answer document from the webinar will be uploaded onto the Contact a Family Resources page in the near future.

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transforming care webinar