National Network of Parent Carer Forums

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the National Network do?

The National Network’s job is to address the big issues, champion specific themes, and with Local Parent Carer Forums, identify common priorities, and to ensure that information and experiences are shared so that service delivery can be influenced at a national level.  Members of the National Network are also likely to represent the views of Local Parent Carer Forums on national strategic planning groups.

It is extremely important that Parent and Carer Forums continue to develop and that parents and carers of disabled children and young people are involved in local and national planning and decision making.  Whilst Local Parent Carer Forums continue to work with their local areas,  the National Network will provide a co-ordinated method of ensuring that Local Parent Carer Forums are kept updated about national developments and that parent carers have a voice and are represented in national strategic planning about services and provision that will affect disabled children, young people and their families,

We do this through our regular communications, and through the regional representatives providing regular updates and opportunities to gather views from parent carers at regional network events.

What are the aims of the NNPCF?

The aim of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) is to ensure that good practice, knowledge and shared expertise about parent participation continues to grow and strengthen, and to develop a cohesive and coherent structure to sustain and develop the effectiveness of parent carer forums across England, individually and as a collective voice.

Why have a regional structure?

Since the network started and parent carer forums have forms and developed we have found it helpful to meet regularly with each other to share ideas, and gain support. As such, there are nine regions across England, and local parent carer forums have been invited to be part of their regional networks.  These regions make is easier to enable forums to work together and fit in with the same geographical regions as the Department for Education.

Who selects regional representatives?

Regional representatives are nominated by their own forums to represent the region.  When a regional representative comes to the end of their term of office, they will reapply for the post along with any others who may wish to undertake the role.  There is then a selection panel which includes forum leads from that region who selects their own representative from the candidates.