National Network of Parent Carer Forums

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Many words and phrases are used by different organisations to mean the same thing or even the same phrases mean different things.  Here we have tried to provide a list of words and phrases we use in the context of parent participation.

BACD British Academy of Disabled Children
CAF Contact a Family, Common Assessment Framework, Common Assessment Forum
CCG Clinical Commissioning Group
CDC Council For Disabled Children
Department for Education (DfE) Government department responsible for policy relating to  children with special educational needs and/or disability and funding parent participation.
Department of Health (DoH) Government department responsible for policy relating to the health of children with special educational needs and/or disability.
EDCM Every Disabled Child Matters
Government Officers Individual who work for the Department for Education, Department of Health or other government department.
Grant Provider Organisation that is responsible for funding and monitoring the activities of the NNPCF.
JLA James Lind Alliance
Local Parent Carer Forums A group of parents established to support and promote parent participation within their own local authority.
Membership Policy Policies as described in the NNPCF membership policy.
National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) Organisation established to promote and champion parent carer participation at a National, Regional and Local level.
National Network Steering Group A body comprising regional representatives to develop and promote parent participation at a national and regional level.
NNPCF Governance Policies Policies and procedures as laid down in the Constitution and/or other policy documents identified in “Appendix 1 – List of documents”.
Non Regional Representatives An individual who is selected to work on behalf of the National Network Steering Group but is not responsible for any given region.
NPPN National Parent Partnership Network
Parent Carer Participation A term used to define the involvement of parent carers in the review of services, policy or strategy at a national, regional or local level.
Parent Carers Individuals who are responsible, on a daily basis, for the care and support of a child aged 0-25 who has special educational needs and/or a disability.
PSP Priority Setting Panel
RCN Regional Clinical Network
Regional forum A meeting of a regional network.
Regional Network A group of Local Parent Carer Forums arranged by geographical area according to the Department of Education established for mutual support and promotion of parent participation in their region.
Regional Parent Carer Network See Regional Network.
Regional Representatives An individual who is selected to represent a given region on the National Network Steering Group.
SEC Special Educational Consortium
Statutory Organisations Organisations who have a duty or who are commissioned to deliver specific services or meet government policy.
Voluntary Sector Partners Organisations or individuals from the voluntary sector with whom the NNPCF interact in the pursuit of Parent Carer Participation.