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Local Government Structure

Most local authorities will have their own structure that enables them to fulfill their own statutory duties. The structure will depend largely on two factors.  Firstly how the elected Councillors wish to control the local authority from apolitical perspective and secondly how the chief executive wishes to structure the authority’s management based on the political structure.  However there are always likely to be a given set of boards or groups which parents may wish to be aware of, be in contact with or be involved in.

The map below provides a summary of some of the key areas to be aware of:

Local Govn structure

The top three tiers of the diagram are usually the domain of elected members and senior management in the council or in health.  They will be responsible for ensuring policy is implemented and that the LA and CCG comply with any relevant government legislation.  The majority of the decisions made at this strategic level are undertaken through any given number of boards and committees governed by the LA’s own structure.

At the operational end of the structure the LA’s should work openly with it’s own services and in partnership with others to ensure that front line services are delivered and managed appropriately.  It is likely that Parent Carer Forums should have contact with or representatives communicating with most Local Services and Projects associated with Children with Learning Difficulties and should be targeting to be participating in the boards that monitor them.