National Network of Parent Carer Forums

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Who We Are

The National Network of Parent Carer Forums is a network of over 150 Parent Carer Forums in England.

The forums are arranged into 9 regions and are shown below, these follow the same regional breakdown as the Department of Education; each of the regions has a regional representative. All regional representatives work together to form the national steering group.

  1. North East & Cumbria
  2. Yorkshire & Humber
  3. North West
  4. East Midlands
  5. West Midlands
  6. Eastern England
  7. London
  8. South East
  9. South West

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The NNPCF is a network of local forums meeting in regional settings, working together to effect local and national service improvement through participation and co production with parent carers.

nnpcf structure [Transparent]Each Parent Carer Forum includes parent carers with a full range of experiences in Health, Education and Social Care as their children have a wide range of conditions.

Parents in the network total over 77,000: they contribute to local, regional and national consultations.

We continue to develop closer working relationships with local authorities and health authorities at all levels, including local working with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).